Frozen Sweet Corn Nugget

Frozen Sweet Corn Nugget

Frozen Sweet Corn Nugget is a blend of cheddar cheese and sweet corn makes it a yummiest nuggets. served with tom chilly chutney

Thawing of product not required.
Cook from frozen to get best results.

Preheat oil (max. temperature of 175ºC recommended). Deep fry for 3 minutes to a light golden colour. It is ready to cook further as per the recipe.

Oven Bake
Preheat oven 220ºC. Apply oil on both sides of the product. Arrange the product on single layer on baking tray. Bake for 10 min or until crispy brown. Remove and Serve hot.

Can also be cooked in Air Fryer.

Packaging Size: 380gm, 500gm, 600 gm

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