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    Corn is gramineae herbs jade Shu millet seeds. Country of origin is Mexico and Central America, Columbus discovered corn in Cuba in 1492. Until after the entire north and South America have cultivation. After 1494 the corn back to Spain, gradually spread to all over the world.

    nutritional ingredient

    (per 100 gram)

    quantity of heat

    106.00 calory









    Assortment:( According to the quality)

    1.Conventional corn:
                                    The most common corn.

    2.Special corn:
    The traditional special corn have sweet corn, waxy maize and blowout corn. Due to the special corn than ordinary corn with higher technology content and greater economic value, foreign they called it "high value corn“.

     3.Sweet corn:
    Usually divided into common sweet corn, strengthen the sweet corn and super sweet corn. Sweet corn on production technology and the requirements of the harvest time is strict, and shelf life short.

      4.Waxy corn:
    Its production technology than sweet corn much more simple, and common corn compared with almost no special requirements, harvest time is more agile, shelf life is long, do not need special storage, processing conditions. Waxy maize except fresh food outside, orstarch processing industry of the important raw materials.

    5.High oil corn:
    Oil content is higher, especially the linoleic acid and oleic acid and the content of unsaturated fatty acid reached 80%, can reduce serum cholesterol, softening vascular function. In addition, the high oil corn than ordinary corn protein high 10-12%, lysine as high as 20%, vitamin content also is higher, it is food, feeding, oil three balanced multi-function corn.

    6.High quality protein maize (high lysine corn) :
    Production not less than ordinary corn, and full grain lysine content than ordinary corn high 80-100%.

    7.Purple Corn:
    Is a very rare maize varieties, for grain like pearl, called "black pearl".

    Other special corn and corn variety improvement: Including high starch special corn, silage maize, ediblemaize hybrids, etc.

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